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    公司厂房占地面积8000平方米,现有员工500余人,位于广东省东莞市横沥镇三江工业区97号,紧靠东部快速,交通便利。公司以国际化的视野、前瞻性的眼光、高起点的规划,组建了一支实力雄厚的研发团队,凝聚了一批电池行业研发专家型人才和经验丰富的工程技术管理团队,同时采用先进的自动化生产设备,引进成熟的电池生产工艺,辅以先进的管理理念,铸造优异的产品品质,通过建立和完善现代化管理体制,倡导先进的企业文化,不断推动企业向高效、规模、现代化目标方向发展。公司已通过ISO 9001质量体系认证且所有的产品均通过ROHS、CE认证。现有国家新型实用专利8项,国家发明专利1项。公司产品具有高能量密度、体积小、重量轻、使用寿命长、自放电小、形状灵活多样、安全性能好等优点。

    Dongguan Perfect Amperex Technology Limited

    Dongguan Perfect Amperex Technology Limited was founded in 2010,is a high-tech enterprise which is professional engaged in polymer lithium- ion battery research and development, manufacture, sales.Our own brand is PATL, products widely used in bluetooth headset, smart wearable, medical equipment, bank Ukey, communication tool,airlines toys and other fields, is the world's most professional lithium-ion battery supplier.
    The factory covers an area of 8000 square meters and has more than 500 staff. It is located in No.97 Sanjiang Industrial District,Hengli Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,China, which is close to the eastern fast, the transportation is convenient. Company with international vision and forward-looking vision, a high starting point plan, formed a strong R&D team, always condensed a number of research and development of battery industry expert personnel and experienced engineering and technical management team,At the same time the company select advanced automatic device, adopt the mature battery production technology and advanced management concept, casts the outstanding product quality. Through the establishment and improvement of a modern management system,  advanced enterprise corporate culture, and constantly promote the enterprise to develop in the direction of high efficiency, scale, modernization goals.The company has passed ISO 9001 quality system certification and all products have passed the ROHS, CE certification.We got eight new practical patent certificate and oneinvention patent certificate.Our products have the advantages of high energy density, high power density, small volume, light weight, long service life, low self-discharge, flexible and varied shapes, safety performance.
    The company insist on take the market as the guidance, take the quality as the life, regard science and technology as the power, take the service as the center, especially pay attention to product safety performance; Determination To “take the quality strives for credibility, take the credibility for development”, the pursuit of a higher cost-effective integrated,which is committed to meet and exceed customer's expectations. The pursuit of excellence, perfection innovation, advancing with The Times, win-win cooperation.Small lithium new energy for more enterprises to provide the most professional, best quality, the most satisfactory small polymer lithium ion battery solution!




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